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The Ordinary… anything but

General opinion on The Ordinary seems mixed. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY. I was blown away by this place, and I’m not even an extreme seafood person. Personally I think the haters gon’ hate because it’s pricey. It is pricey. But the quality is out the roof. Oysters are constantly changing based on the market, and it’s incredibly fun to try different ones and notice all the subtle differences (or sometimes not so subtle). The oysters were exceptionally clean too… fear not any chance of grit!

My favorite item (maybe that I’ve eaten anywhere, ever) was the plate of crispy oysters and beef tartare. Why has no-one thought of this before? The lightly fried warm oysters and the chilly EXCEPTIONAL beef tartare. I cried, and then I died.

I also enjoyed the BBQ white shrimp, which scared me at first because I took the idea of BBQ literally, and it doesn’t feel like a BBQ place, obviously. Fear not. Beautiful large white shrimp lounging in the most delicious brown brothy concoction that begs for one to sop it up with the charred toast that comes along.

Beautiful old bank sets the tone here. Ordinary? Absolutely not!


Sample 7-ish types of available oysters, always changing!


Crispy oysters and beef tartare. I die.


BBQ white shrimp


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