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Two Boroughs Larder

Two Boroughs is one of my very favorite restaurants at the moment in Charleston. In a way it’s casual: it’s small and no reservations are taken. Normally that scares me, but in the increasingly jammed Charleston food scene, it’s refreshing to know you can chance it last minute and, worst case scenario, wait as long as anyone else with time on their hands. There’s a great little wine bar for doing just that.

Once you do nab a table, you’ll find the food is anything but casual. Exquisite ingredients, creative preparations, and fun staff make the experience a memorable one. It’s great for a small group… the plates are sized for sharing, so it’s fun to order lots of dishes and try them all.

I would say it’s a little on the adventurous side. If you have friends that like to stick to chicken, this may not be the best choice.

Oh! One important note. I’m not a huge dessert person, but one of the desserts here knocks my socks off (scroll down to see). Probably my favorite dessert I’ve had at a restaurant ever. I think I just started salivating as I started remembering it. Will have to go back soon.

Cool space, located a couple blocks off the King strip @ Coming and Morris:


Delicious octopus in a spicy San Marzano sauce with sausage and fava beans:


Brussels sprouts. Only available when the season allows it. I don’t care if you hate brussels sprouts. I don’t care if you think they’re boring. These will rock your world. Flavor-blasted and caramelized to perfection. Bam!


Backup for the brussels sprouts? More than acceptable / wish I could have them both in one sitting. Good ‘ole Southern okra, but with a spicy curry twist.


On to the veal sweetbreads. More adventurous. If you like sweetbreads you will love these. Little gem lettuce, pickled carrot and quail egg make for a fun little wrap around the soft and hot sweetbreads.


Wagyu tartare and yolk, scooped up by little salt & vinegar potato chips. A must.


And last but so far from least. Oatmeal brown sugar pie with homemade sea salt caramel ice cream. The oatmeal is the crust. The brown sugar is the filling — it’s like eating caramel out of a pie crust. The homemade ice cream is over the top but oh so right. Insane.


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